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Supreme Airbrush University

We love teaching makeup artists and beauty professionals a new skillset to add to their toolbelt.  The beauty industry is booming and a makeup artist has to stand out from the crowd more than ever. We feel that an artist that can do full face airbrush makeup always stands out more.

So Let’s get you Certified!

Glowing. Radiant. Flawless

Celebrities always seem to have the most amazing skin. How do they do it?

They have access to the Hollywood makeup artist’s secret weapon: Airbrush Makeup.

Airbrush makeup uses compressed air to deliver makeup with a soft-focus, even finish unlike any other makeup. It is so effective at creating the appearance of perfect skin, that it is the only choice for anyone on HD film or TV.  Think of "LIVE ACTION" photoshop. 

The result is a smooth flawless finish.  But yet the makeup is undetectable.  Something only airbrush makeup and a properly educated airbrush artist can accomplish.  Originally airbrush makeup was something only celebrities, or a film/TV makeup artist had access to.  Now airbrush makeup is available to artists globally.  The biggest growth in airbrush makeup has happened in the bridal market.  More and more brides are asking for an airbrush makeup application.  Professionally trained beauty airbrush makeup artists are in high demand.

About This Course
This is an Intensive Airbrush Makeup Course which will provide you with the necessary understandings of the equipment, techniques on how to apply, troubleshooting & proper airbrush maintenance and the creative confidence to use your airbrush makeup at the highest standard. You will learn how to create a dewy, flawless complexion and develop their creative techniques to using a variety of airbrush foundations, multicolor, blushers, highlighters, contour and body airbrush cosmetics and equipment.

Our Global Temptu Airbrush Makeup Educator Tanya Deemer will walk you through every step of the airbrush makeup application process. You will learn a variety of techniques from the Basic Fundamentals’ step to Advanced Airbrush precise applications like Eyeliner, Eyeshadow, Body Art and much more!!

This is a comprehensive and intensive airbrush makeup course as airbrush makeup is the key aspect of the modern beauty makeup business. Airbrush makeup is not only popular amongst Bollywood & Holly wood celebrities but its also a requirement for every bride getting married. Airbrush Makeup is an integral part of Bridal industry, Film/TV/Theatre, HD (High Definition) photography, Body Art and all the Red-Carpet Appearances.

You will learn airbrushing skills applicable to bridal industry, beauty, shoots, high-fashion and special events work. The course focuses on creating bridal and/or fantasy looks with a polished final look.

Who this Class is For?

• Beginner/Student
• Corporates
• Barbers
• Makeup artists
• Airbrush Makeup Artist
• Salon Owner/Staff

What You’ll Gain After This Course?
• Become a Temptu Certified Airbrush Makeup Artist
• Temptu Certificate is Globally Recognized
• Job in a high-end makeup brand, studio or salon
• Become an Airbrush makeup trainer
• Start Earning 50% more – Just imagine, today a bride pays around a minimum of
• $150.00 for a manual makeup and $300.00 for an Airbrush makeup
• The technical skills to create beautiful airbrush makeup looks for brides and for photography, film, runway, and editorial projects
• Higher chances of working in the Bollywood Films & Ad Shoots
• Travel the world with your Airbrush Makeup Kit
• The confidence to expand your professional makeup business
• Be your own Boss
• No Qualifications Needed to sail through your Career
• Open your Salon with Airbrush Makeup Service
• Discount on TEMPTU Airbrush Products for Enrolled Students
• Airbrush Makeup is Extremely Important Specially for Bridal Makeup


• INCLUDES TEMPTU KIT ($420.00 value)

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